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Famous Fans of TINA The Musical
Famous Fans of TINA The Musical

Famous Fans of TINA The Musical

Since performances began of TINA The Musical in London’s West End, we’ve welcomed several familiar faces to see the show. Take a look at the moments they met the cast and their reactions to the show.

Oprah Winfrey and the Cast of TINA The Musical in the West End:

Oprah Winfrey and the cast of TINA The Musical

Nicole Scherzinger flew into London to see the show:

nicole szcherzinger | TINA The Musical

Rock ‘n’ Roll royalty arrived when The Rolling Stones’ Ronnie Wood and his wife Sally Wood came to visit.

ronnie wood | Tina The Musical

Followed by Musical Theatre royalty with a visit from Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Lin-Manuel Miranda | TINA The Musical

Rita Ora and Dame Kelly Holmes visited on the same evening and both loved the show!

Rita Ora | TINA The Musical


Dame Kelly Holmes | TINA The Musical

The inspirational Katie Piper met the cast backstage after the show:

Katie Piper | TINA The Musical

Gloria Estefan and Elaine Paige also had a fantastic time at TINA The Musical!

Gloria Estefan | TINA The Musical


Elaine Paige | TINA The Musical

And we’ve had many more famous fans share their reactions to TINA the Musical:

Congratulations to everyone @TinaTheMusical I was in the audience tonight thanks to my bro @PatrikIanPolk and it was absolutely amazing. One of the best I’ve seen and @adriennelwarren That performance is one of the best things I’ve seen anywhere… Ever! #MyTina #TINATheMusical

Last night we went to see @TinaTheMusical and it was the BEST SHOW I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE! We laughed, we cried, we danced & we screamed. I cannot recommend this show enough. Best money we’ve ever spent! I NEED to go and see it again!!! AMAZING! Honestly

All I can say is @TinaTheMusical is without a doubt one of the best show’s I’ve ever seen. What a life, what a woman and what an amazing portrayal by #AdrienneWarren #SimplyTheBest

Last night I saw @TinaTheMusical @adriennelwarren is incandescent as Tina and @holdbrooksMyth phenomenal as Ike. Run and shake a tail feather to see this show, you will love it! Buy your tickets now. A well deserved standing ovation at the end.

Just came out of seeing @TinaTheMusical . Brilliant show. And @adriennelwarren as Tina. Wow. Just incredible. 150% from start to finish.

Just seen the incredible @TinaTheMusical! @adriennelwarren you were a-mazing as the queen of rock & roll! @vanlaast’s choreography was brilliant, I worked with him on Beauty And The Beast! I’ve never seen Tina for real but her energy, power & uniqueness shone through tonight.

Absolutely loved @TinaTheMusical entire audience up on their feet at the end waving their arms in the air. Well done to all involved! Great night out!

SHE IS EVERYTHING!!!!! @adriennelwarren is simply the best! better than all the rest! I said it. no regrets on that one!

I have never EVER seen anything like what @JennyTFitz just did. She IS TINA TURNER. Cried all the way through she’s just something else. @TinaTheMusical is the one to see.

Wow. Went to see a completely transformed @holdbrooksMyth as Ike in @TinaTheMusical and was totally blown away by him and the rest of the cast. @adriennelwarren is something else