Costume Associate

Jack Galloway

I actually started my work in costume at the age of 15, working as a dresser for Scottish Opera, where my sister worked!  From that role, (where I could do my homework when I wasn’t needed…) I worked my way up to being a full- time member of the Costume Department, and eventually became Head of Department.  I learnt an enormous amount on the job.  Of course, there are a lot of aspects of costume that can be taught on courses, but you also learn a great deal from collaborating with the huge number of people that you come into contact with when working in a busy department, and also through making mistakes!

From being Head of Costume at Scottish Opera, I took a leap of faith and became freelance, doing my first job at the Royal Opera House, in London. A lot of my role as a Costumer Supervisor, Associate  or Designer involves liaising with a vast number of people, all of whom have ideas about what they think the costumes should look like!